Our Commitment

We know Customers grow tired of working with suppliers that are mediocre, at times are obstinate and do not deliver as expected.   I am here to tell we are a different company and here is why.

At TQM Energy Consultants, we are “HAPPY TO HELP” and recognize that “CUSTOMER IS KING”.   That is our motto.  We are not like any other company as we work aim to understand and comply with your needs.   We will work hard to meet your expectations on every Key Performance Area (KPA) or Key Performance Indicator (KPI).   

Not every customer will tell you that they are walking away unhappy — in fact, very few will. They’ll just walk away.  To address this concern, we shall “close” the conversation with the customer based on “how well we did?” and “what we can do better”.  We shall take these lessons learn to improve our processes so that the next order will meet your expectations.

Even after the purchase order (PO) is placed, we will ensure we communicate with you on its status and alert you of issues that may come up.   Working with us, there is no need to hire an Expeditor, because at TQM-EC we will do this on your behalf.  From start to end of the PO, we will work diligently to represent you with the Supplier. Every completion of a purchase order will be met with a follow up call on how we did and what we can do better to serve you better.    We aim to ensure you as the Customer is satisfied.

At TQM-EC we will work hard to earn your business, respect and trust as we are “happy to help!”


  • Oil & Gas – Downstream, Midstream and Downstream
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings and High‐Rise Construction
  • Public Transportation Infrastructure and Airports
  • Water – Infrastructure, Transport and Treatment Systems
  • Mining
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Electricity & Power Generation
  • Waste Management – Collection & Recycling